Artisan Roast was the first specialty coffee roaster in Malaysia. Taking skills learnt in the Europe specialty coffee scene and blending with Kiwi customer service, Michael brought something unique into Malaysia in 2010. Combining this with a rigorous approach to quality and fiscal control, Amirah also provided not only the essential local touch to the business, but also great cakes that Artisan quickly become associated with.

Great talent attracts great talent. Joey joined the team in 2012 and through tireless toil, he has ensured that Artisan has remained the leader in coffee roasting. Joey roasted the coffee that has won every Malaysia Barista Championship since the start of the competition - think about that for a moment - every large company that makes big claims to be bringing good coffee to Malaysia has failed to beat this small local business where it really matters - in the cup.

Nona was one of the first baristas at Artisan Roast TTDI. She has competed in barista competition and worked her way up to be manager of Artisan Roast cafe. Apart from being mother to her beloved baristas, she's also working closely with Seniman Kakao project.

Steve is the go-to-guy for anyone that need great coffee in their cafe. He also one of our espresso machine service team and has been consulting many successful cafes in Kuala Lumpur.

The Artisan team extends to our friends at the cafes that we supply and the passionate people who work there. We live coffee and cafes and understand the thirsty customers, many of whom we call our friends.

Over the years, techniques of coffee roasting and coffee preparation have changed. Here at Artisan, we've been part of that learning and leading the way to better coffee. Artisan was a pioneer of specialty coffee in Malaysia. We haven't stopped pushing the boundaries of what coffee can do.

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