The Artisan Group

Artisan Roastery roasts the coffee that wins the awards that matter. Seniman Kakao roasts and produces the highest quality single origin chocolate possible. Stone Cold Brewing Company brews nitrogenated coffee and craft brews.

We import and supply Red Espresso; the naturally caffeine-free alternative to coffee. And we import and sell Kees Van Der Westen espresso machines, Clever Coffee Dripper and barista accessories.

For your eclectic cafe supply needs.

Seniman Kakao

Over 90% of the world's chocolate is produced from inferior tasting cacao beans. Of the rest, most is grown for maximum profit, bulk-roasted and has additives to ensure longer shelf-life. The result is often called fine Belgian chocolate or French luxury chocolate - it's good, but it lacks many of flavours possible if the cacao is carefully crafted.

Seniman Kakao sources cacao from throughout Malaysia and  they carefully sort it, roast it, break it, grind it, conch it for a couple of days, add a little cane sugar as possible, temper it. Serve it with pride!

Stone Cold Brewing Company

Stone Cold Brewing Company focuses on crafting nitrogenated coffee. Every brew has to taste good because they're meant to be drunk sober. Only the best ingredients make it into the kegs, so that only the best flavours make it out.

No parts of the process involves alcohol. Although they share the same ethos of quality brewers, and respect the craft industry, Stone Cold Brewing Company brews using innovative methods that avoid alcohol production. Their obsession is obtaining great flavours from raw ingredients.

Red Espresso

Red Espresso is the naturally caffeine-free alternative for people who still want to enjoy a latte, but don't want the kick. It is made from Rooibos grown in Western Cape of South Africa. Rooibos is known for high antioxidants and has no caffeine.

Red Espresso is pre-ground and ready to dose in special baskets that we supply. It pours like an espresso and makes a red, sweet, earthy drink. Perfect for pregnant women, nervous people and over-caffeinated baristas.


We supply Kees Van Der Westen espresso machine because they're well designed, well engineered, well built and very reliable. Kees Van Der Westen produces three espresso machines: Speedster, Mirage and Spirit - each of them are hand-built in Eindhoven, the Netherlands. Kees Van Der Westen machines are our goto espresso machines because they among the best in industry.

Choosing a coffee grinder is crucial for us. We wanted a grinder that suits best with our coffee and capable to handle our high traffic cafes.

The Anfim Super Caimano Barista is all about its robust design. The titanium burrs grind slow enough not to overheat the coffee and the cooling fan allows it to go high volume. The dosing chamber speeds up operation and gives better coffee distribution than any other grinder.

The Nuova Simonelli Mythos One is a remarkable grinder that is highly accurate and cuts down wastage. It doesn't have quite the complexity of the Anfim, but produces very consistent doses and grind size.

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